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VARIABLE PACKAGE DEAL! Receive an array of gifts $25 and up, includes poster or hat

SARDINE MAGOZINE issues #1, 2, 3, and 4, reprint July 2018, stamped with date - $10 each

Stickers, Prok 2018 - $1 each or $5 gets you alot

Hats, brown/yellow September 2018 - $15 each

I'm afraid of new york/double banger show poster, limited edition July 2018 reprint by Prok - $20

Tshirts, July 2018 by Prok - $15 each
sardine magozine or spew geyser/hot dog "ice fade" design
navy, dark green or light blue shirt in L / XL SORRY MED SHIRTS TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT, more available in late September

SARDINE MAG covers #1, 2, 3 and 4

Ring spun cotton is very soft! t-shirts, Prok 2018


July 1, 2018 - Celie reporting from McClellanville, Thank you John & Dana for all the fun loot you've been distributing. Will has been out here for a month, trapped in the forest haze with his film school girlfriend. We have all these various activities IN PROGRESS to help Charlie out.

Upcoming releases 2019:
-24 tape set "Don't touch these tapes" has been digitized and handed off to Chris for reproduction by Unread
-7" "fouls and faults" political songs from Unread
-5000 watt compressed air band with piano reeves tape
-7" furniture huschle "top down" / charlie split with SARDINE MAGOZINE FINALE (#13) made by Dana & others with collected ephemera intended for the next issue
-12" from Luigi "I am the world's richest man"
-Carlos tribute album with covers of Charlie songs / side B Charlie's songs
-Poetry book produced on Guy Mead's copy machine of typed & handwritten lyrics
-TOTAL SARDINE MAGOZINE compilation book from Prok

Additional activities:
-Digitize all VHS tapes including Lowfi Subunderground Eruption video, VHS compilation release
-Complete discography, digitize all master tapes, continue reproduction of music
-Scan and photograph art locally, scan images and slides from the family's archive, make a master list of visual art, ind art hidden around the world...PLEASE LET US KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE!
-Get contributions of writing, images and recordings from the public
-List records & tapes in Charlie's personal collection
-Charlie Celebration Xmas show 2018


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